Not all colocation providers are alike

Since the start of the colocation industry in the 1990s, IT equipment has advanced significantly. Network bandwidth has also grown exponentially. However, with the exception of incremental energy efficiency improvements, the colocation service itself – space, power and cooling – and how it’s provisioned, has changed very little in decades.  Given the dependency on applications your key customer interactions and business functions have, all aspects of your IT infrastructure, including your colocation provider, need to be scrutinized.

Each organization’s needs are slightly different, and you should bear in mind the operational dynamics that make your enterprise unique. A common thread emerging is the desire to move toward a more on-demand environment and to improve cyber resiliency. That said, the seven considerations discussed in this paper are relevant to all colocation environments that you may deploy.

These considerations are the essential building blocks of a colocation program, and it is critical to select a provider that can deliver on all these attributes.

Seven Important Considerations At-a-Glance:
  • Avoid human error with operational excellence
  • Maintain optimum performance with strategic geographical placement
  • Connect flexibly to a diverse marketplace of network, cloud and service providers
  • Combat physical and virtual threats with a more holistic view of data center security
  • Maintain broad and industry-specific compliance and regulatory standards
  • Evaluate TCO with support and services from experienced staff
  • Maintain 100 percent uptime and N+1 power redundancy

Select the right colocation provider for your business

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