Modern organizations are constantly looking to accelerate the speed of development life cycles and make access to necessary resources easier. However, the growing complexity, security concerns, and size of cloud environments often present serious impediments to ease of use. In this webinar, Datadog shares its path towards using Zero Trust, powered by AppGate SDP, to allow secure access - by user and role - to assets across a complex and constantly changing environment.


  • Why traditional static access control simply can’t scale to meet the dynamic, targeted needs of modern organizations
  • How a Software-Defined Perimeter for secure access enables automated enforcement of role-and-attribute-based access control
  • Datadog’s lessons learned and best practices to implement a secure access model across their complex, multi-account AWS environment
  • Scott Ward, Solutions Architect - Emerging Partners at AWS
  • Noah Beddome, Director of Infrastructure Security at Datadog
  • Jason Garbis, Vice President of Products at AppGate

On-Demand Webinar Replay