Interconnection: The Key to Hybrid IT

What do you do when you need more than what the cloud alone has to offer?

Cloud often is touted as having key advantages over all other options as it allows businesses to quickly change requirements or help shift expenses from a CapEx to an OpEx.  

Though there may be some advantages to a cloud-only choice, it’s not always ideal.  
Instead, organizations can efficiently reduce costs, increase bandwidth, and improve performance and reliability with an interconnected Hybrid IT solution. With interconnection, companies get direct connectivity to internet-backbone networks and major cloud providers while eliminating the volatility of the public internet.  

When a business is faced with security, cost predictability, performance and latency, multi-cloud complexity, vendor lock-in, and cloud migration challenges, interconnection and Hybrid IT can be the perfect answer.

Interconnectivity, as part of a high-performance and agile Hybrid IT network, provides: 

  • Carrier-neutral access to all services 
  • Responsiveness 
  • Simplicity 
  • Bandwidth 

Learn how your company can use interconnection to fuel your Hybrid IT strategy in our whitepaper, Interconnection: the Key to Hybrid IT.  

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