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Digital Resiliency: Assess Your Strategy Now

Decisions made today can put you on the path to digital resilience.


Leading enterprises are focused on digital resiliency: the ability to rapidly adapt to business disruptions, leverage digital capabilities to accelerate business operations, and automate processes to quickly take advantage of changing conditions and capitalize on new market opportunities.

In a webinar hosted by IDC with Cyxtera "Building Resiliency to Thrive in the Next Normal." – IDC estimates over 50% of infrastructure will be outside the corporate data center, moving closer to where they are doing business and their customers are located by 2023. Companies will need to find partners that enable sophisticated compute resources close to the points of business that do not cause capital distress or take months to complete.

However, recent IDC data has uncovered some concerns. These digital expansion concerns among IT professionals, which were discussed in the webinar, include:

  • 67% of IT professional concerned over initial cost of deployment
  • 56% of IT professionals concerned about cost predictability
  • 63% of IT professional concerned over ensuring data security
  • 46% want to improve the monitoring, maintenance, and ability to update remote equipment

Managing risks through planning and preparation is essential to success. Now is the time to assess your digital resilience strategy.

Download the Digital Resiliency Checklist and Conduct Your Self-Assessment