Keep the Location, Lower Your Costs With our NYC Data Center Alternatives 

Three convenient, cost-effective, and highly-connected Cyxtera data centers are located as close as 5-miles from Midtown Manhattan directly across the Hudson River. 

America’s largest city is certainly a top market for data centers, however, the cost of doing business paired with the heavy traffic to access many of these outdated facilities has left enterprises searching for alternative options outside NYC.

When comparing the NYC market to other colocation markets in relative proximity, it’s no secret that New York City will always be more expensive. High power and real estate prices often drive total data center service costs higher than in competing markets. 

Now more than ever, many of our customers have chosen to move out of the city due to rising costs, remote workforces, or other safety concerns. The migration of some, or all of their data center footprint to New Jersey, is allowing for more flexibility and lower-priced options as they’re building their hybrid IT strategy.

Cyxtera’s three New Jersey data centers allow proximity to major exchanges without the costs associated with colocating in downtown Manhattan. And our innovative on-demand solutions offer more than just space and power, so our customers can grow with us as their infrastructure needs evolve.

  • Campuses are located outside the 100-year flood zone. You don’t have to fear another Superstorm Sandy that once caused catastrophic flooding in neighboring nearby Manhattan. 

  • Enterprises, banks, and trading platforms choose our New Jersey data centers as their primary US location due to the proximity and low-latency connectivity to Wall Street and financial markets. 

  • 24/7 Remote Gold Support services managed by IT Infrastructure professionals, can handle your every day, on-site maintenance requests. 

Jersey City Data Center Campus EWR1  
Located in Jersey City, our EWR1 data center is housed in a 10-story building located directly across the Hudson River from the New York Financial District. 

Weehawken Data Center Campus EWR2 
Our EWR2 data center is located on a fiber-linked campus less than 10 miles from the New York Financial District. 

Piscataway Data Center Campus EWR3 
Located in Piscataway, NJ, EWR3 is located on a fiber-linked campus 40 miles from the New York Financial District. 

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