Fortify hybrid IT with colo and direct cloud connectivity

Need additional data center space, power and network for applications that can rapidly and securely connect to vital cloud resources?

For a limited time, we’re offering a colo and direct connect bundle for new customers.

This includes discounts on a turn-key colocation cabinet with everything you need to rack and stack your IT gear, plus a free Megaport and Cyxtera cross connect for one month with each new connection deployed.
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Megaport delivers low latency between Cyxtera data centers and the cloud.

Predictable pricing and latency for data center-to-data center and cloud connectivity.

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Fast Cloud Transport from Cyxtera Metros

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud speeds

Flexible, usage-based pricing.
No contract necessary.

Traditional Billing
Traditional Billing

Example Transport Pricing
1Gbps Transport:
$850-1,500/month, 12-month contract

10Gbps Transport: $2,100-3,500/month, 12-month contract

*varies by metro, provider, and transport distance. One-time install fees would apply.

Flexible Billing with    megaport
Flexible Billing with Megaport

Megaport Pricing
10Gbps port, two VXCs, one active for 28 days, one for 1 day:

1 Gbps Transport anywhere in USA 28 days: $340 VXC + $500 Port

1 Gbps Transport anywhere in USA 1 day: $108.80 VXC

How It Works

how it works

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