"Zero Trust is a fundamental transformation of corporate security from a failed perimeter centric approach" - Forrester1

VPNs, NACs, and Firewalls are ineffective in protecting today’s hybrid, distributed and mobile organizations. It’s time for a better approach that:


  • Is identity-centric, extensively verifying the identity, in real-time, using context rather than a static IP address 
  • Supports Zero Trust, enforcing fine-grained micro-segmentation which makes unapproved resources 100% invisible to unauthorized personnel
  • Is built like cloud, for cloud, engineered to operate natively in the cloud with extensive integration capabilities which delivers scalable and automated security


1"Security Architecture & Operations Playbook", Forrester, 2018.

  • Why a Software-Defined Perimeter is needed to replace or augment legacy perimeter-based solutions
  • How a Software-Defined Perimeter is architected to support today’s IT models
  • What a Software-Defined Perimeter was designed to solve and its inherent benefits

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